Condo/HOA Management

Sherman Property Management, Inc. is a locally owned and operated full service property management company.  Sherman oversees condominium and homeowner associations throughout the region.  With over 20 years of property management and maintenance experience, we have a vast knowledge of the laws of Pennsylvania and can help your community understand its own unique declarations and bylaws.

We can tailor our standard scope of work to fit your Association’s specific needs:

  • Enforcement of CC&Rs, Bylaws, and ARC Guidelines with violations monitoring
  • Proper and accurate billing recordation and tracking of assessments
  • Handling accounts payable, receivables and association financial statement preparation
  • Budget and reserves preparation
  • Documentation of association business
  • Coordination and implementation of legal activities through association attorneys
  • Coordination with association agents for insurance needs and requirements
  • Vendor qualifying and oversight
  • Processing 1099 forms for vendors
  • Tax return assistance and audit preparation
  • Monthly financials and bank reconciliations
  • Asset Management and capital planning
  • Bid comparison as applicable for board review
  • Management of association owned properties and easements
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Common area maintenance and inspections
  • Tracking and processing of work orders

Experienced professional management can make a big difference in your community. Contact us today to find out how our company can help your association achieve its goals.

(717) 699-2229